North Hills

Upland North Hills Homeowner Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I want to paint my home.  What do I need to do before I begin?

A:  Since our home colors are governed by architectural rules, you need to do a couple of things.  First, choose the colors (trim and wall) you want to use from our colors roster (see the next question).  Then fill out an architectural request form (you can download an architectural request here) and turn it in to our management company.  The Architectural team will review it and get back to you promptly.

Q:  What colors are approved for use in our community?

A:  You can look at the approved colors for our association and even order color samples.  We've put a link to Vista Paint on our Information Links page.  Don't forget to submit an Architectural Request Form before you begin the project.

Q:  I want to park my small travel trailer in a parking space near my home overnight.  Is that OK?

A:  Yes, your small trailer is welcome to occupy a parking space for a night, or even two.  Just remember that you can't store it here for extended periods.

Q:  I'd like to read the minutes from Board meetings.  Where can I get them?

A:  You will find a new option in the navigation menu - "Board Minutes" - that will take you to an archive of the official minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors.