North Hills

Upland North Hills Homeowner Association

Our Neighborhood Watch

Some years ago the Upland North Hills Board endorsed the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch program as a means of enhancing community safety and security.  Participation is open to all residents of Upland North Hills.  Neighborhood Watch programs have been shown to be effective deterrents to crime and vandalism in many communities.  Our community is a safe one and you are invited to join the combined efforts of your neighbors to help it remain so.

Send a Message to Neighborhood Watch

It is easy to enroll in neighborhood watch.  Simply click on the link below and provide the information requested so that we can contact you in the event of an emergency.  And, of course, it's free.  No other use is made of the information you supply!

Neighborhood Watch Electronic Enrollment Form

To find out which area your home is in and the name of your area captain, use the link below.

View the Neighborhood Watch Areas