North Hills

Upland North Hills Homeowner Association

Reporting a Disturbance

If a disturbance (such as loud partying, drunken behavior, fights or conflict, trespassing or apparent burglaries, robberies or break-ins) occurs in Upland North Hills complex, please take the following steps:

1.  Telephone the Upland Police Department (dial 911 or 909-946-7624) to report the incident and to request police intervention.  Do not attempt to intervene yourself; let the police do the job that they are trained and qualified to do.

Do not assume that other people will report the incident to the police.  And do not worry about overlap between your report and the reports of others.  The police can figure out that they are receiving multiple reports about the same incident.

2.  Immediately notify Marleta Foster, the Euclid Management property manager for the UNHHOA complex.  This notification should not be done by telephone, but on paper so that a clear paper trail is created.  Make this contact the day or night of the incident; do not wait!  You may contact Marleta by email, marleta@euclidmanagement.comfax (909-981-7630) or by letter (Marletta Foster, Euclid Management Company, 195 North Euclid Ave., # 100, Upland, CA 91786).

In your contact, be sure to write the nature of the incident, when it happened (including the time of the day or night), whether you reported it to the police, and how the matter was resolved (if you know its resolution).  Of greatest importance is that you include the address of the home in which the disturbance took place.  (You will find a map of Upland North Hills here.)

When you have contacted Marleta, she will take several steps to deal with it, according to the seriousness of the situation and the number of incidents previously reported at that address.  There is an escalating series of steps that can be taken before the issue is permanently settled.  Marleta will also keep a file on any given property where a disturbance has taken place, so that she has a history of activity there and a greater capacity to act.  She can then also bring actions to the Board to take.  Remember that if she doesn't know about it, neither she nor Euclid Management can do anything about it!

3.  When notifying Marleta, copy either the chairperson of the UNHHOA Board's Communications and Safety Committee or the president of the board.  In this way, they are alerted and can monitor the situation.  The current president of the board is Rev. Dr. Jerry Garber, 1309 Greenvale Circle, Upland, 91784,  The current chairperson of the C&S Committee is Dr. Robert Linthicum, 1236 Fairway Circle, Upland, 91784,

Authorized by the UNHHOA Board, Dec. 20, 2010